Hector Medical Privacy Notice

Our Contact Details
Hector Medical
Email : info@hectormedical.co.uk
What type of information we have

We collect the following details from your login details:

Your name and business contact details to operate the functionality of the software and allocate equipment or tasks to you or to handle requests that you may make for equipment through the system. This information is not shared externally with third parties.

How we get the information and why we do we have it

The information we get is normally provided by you or your manager whilst using the system. You may choose to use a pseudonym instead as your exact name is not essential but would make delivery of the equipment for instance difficult.

What we do with the information

The information you provide is kept on our secure web servers and are nor shared by third parties. The information is processed by NHS staff under the standard guidelines. The developers of the Hector Medical system do not hold responsibility for handling of the private data as this data belongs to the NHS Trust owning the data.

How we store your information

The information you may provide is stored on a secure web servers and used exclusively by the NHS Trust that you work under.

Your data protection rights

You have a right to request to for your personal stored data to be handled in accordance with the relevant laws. In case you would like to discuss any aspect of this please contact the EBME Department within your NHS Trust who hold sole responsibility for handling the stored data.